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Stay tuned for updates with info on version 5.0! In the meantime, if you find any loose ends, mail us at fabfi [at] fabfolk [dot] com.

Get the FabFi 4.0 Distribution

Ready to make your own FabFi? Go to the wiki for directions for making a pair of reflectors and configuring the routers.

Buy Fabfi Hardware!

Fabfolk is now selling starter kits to build fabfi nodes. In the future, wiki tutorials will be tailored to these kits. Check the kits out HERE.

Reflector Design Files

As of version 4.0, the feeds from the designs below are all designed for the Linksys WRT64G. There are prototypes feeds the works for Ubiquiti devices (newer Linksys can be used with the old stuff, albeit somewhat ungracefully) but the designs are not yet finalized and therefore not posted here. For the latest on reflectors for Fabfi 4.0, check the new reflector wiki.

Reflector Size .dxf .art
Large (4' wide x 4' high x 0.500" thick material)
This is the highest gain version we have designed. A pair can be cut from five 4' x 4' sheets.
Large w/weatherproof router box (4' wide x 4' high x 0.500" thick material)
This is an updated version of the large antenna that integrates an acrylic weatherproof box for the router. Older models can be upgraded to this version by replacing piece "a" from sheet 2.

Router Enclosure
Small (16" wide x 2' tall x 0.5" thick material)
The small reflector is currently the most used in FabFi. A pair of these can be cut from one 4' x 4' sheet.
sheet1 sheet1
Small w/weatherproof router box(16" wide x 2' tall x 0.5" thick material)
A version of the small reflector modified for an acrylic router enclosure. This version effectively deprecates the one above--even if you're not weatherproofing--unless you're particularly nostalgic. Router box requires a 12x24x.25" sheet of acrylic and is fabbed on the laser cutter.

Router Enclosure
X-Small (15" wide x 18' tall x 0.22" thick material)
The x-small reflector is specifically designed to fit on 24" x 12" sheets that fit in the laser cutter. A pair of these can be cut from four 24" x 12" sheets.

Router Configuration Files v4.0

Beginning with version 4.0, all code development and downloads have been moved to google code and we are supporting a new suite of devices (support for old hardware is coming eventually). Fabfi 4.0 has a lot of added features and works a lot differently than previous versions. It is in no way backwards compatible with earlier fabfi firmware.
For 4.0 installation instructions and files for advanced development start here.
For fast access to the latest firmware builds, for LinksysWRT160NL, Ubiquiti NanostationM-loco and PicostationM, go here.

Router Configuration Files v3.0

The install process is totally revamped with version 3.0! Be sure to check out the wiki for new installation instructions. If you already know what you're doing, the image you need (depending on your device) is one of these:
fabfi-linksys_wrt54gl.bin (for new wrt54gl)
fabfi-linksys_wrt54gl.trx (for wrt54gl with Openwrt installed already)
fabfi-asus_wl520gu.trx (for all wl520gu)

If you're upgrading from 2.x, use:
upgrade-pre (see here for instructions)

For 3.x users looking for the latest updates without a total reflash, use:
fabfi-update (see here for instructions)

Imagebuilder config files are here:

Router Configuration Files v2.1


fabfi-setup script for autoconfiguration of routers
- OR -
manual router configuration files: fabfi-files.tgz

Get the v2.1 router config instructions here.

Older Configuration Files

Insist on living in the past? Dig up what you need HERE


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